Friday, January 26, 2007

Day #2: Dublin Castle and remains of the day

After the lunch we walked via various shopping street to Dublin Castle ar participated on a 50 minute tour for 5 euros. The Dublin Castle is pretty new so the tour was more about watching beautiful decoration and listening the tour guide describing Irish history and making obligatory jokes. Kind of interesting, but not really anything spectacular.

It got dark while we were visiting Dublin Castle and as Ari and Susanne decided to continue shoping on Grafton street, I came back to hotel to deposit my camera in room's safe and blog about parts of the day. We agreed to see each other in Porterhouse brewery restaurant on Nassau street sometime after Ari and Susanne had finished shopping and I naturally did not mind waiting for them in the place. :)

Once again I will probably write a separate entry about the Porterhouse Brewery, but it may wait after we may visit the brewery itself in Bray on day 4. This evening, Thursday, we noticed how early pub kitchens close and our second choice, Messr Maguires had already closed its kitchen at 22:00. We managed to get a table however, a thing we could not manage to do in Porterhouse and it still was a Thursday evening. But Porterhouse beers were equally as good as in Messr Maguires so also this recommendation was verified.

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