Thursday, January 25, 2007

Day #2: Sightseeing

After a hearty Irish breakfast of bacon, sausages, egg, hash browns (and also musli, grapefruitjuice and naturally coffee) we headed to see the Trinity College, the third oldest university of Europe. The campus was very impressive although they also have made the mistake of introducing modern (70s you know) buildings alongside those respectable old buildings.

In the Trinity College library the was a moderately interesting Book of Kells (and a few books more) expedition and after that the real, old library of Trinity College, which was really impressive. Seeing all those shelves full of old, original books in a great hall was a moment I would have wanted to capture on camera, but that was not allowed.

After Trinity we went to see St. Stephen's Green, a nice large, old and tidy park, which had a very nice lawn. I am sorry if this description sounds like a Monty Python line, but I do not really have enough vocabulary or even vocabulary to describe parks, even the nice ones. So I probably upload a photo sometime.

Then we walked a bit more, some of us went shopping and then we had lunch. The lunch is more interesting than the time between the very nice park and it. We ate lunch at a fish restaurant called Mackerel, which is in Bewley's building on Grafton Street, a shopping street by the way. But more about it in a separate post.

After lunch we visited the Dublin Castle and joined a guided 50 min. tour to the place. Once again I hope that my photos later will describe the place far better than me.

As Ari and Susanne went shopping, I returned to hotel to leave my camera to my room and blog about our experiences so far. Now, as the clock approaches 20:00, I should be approaching Porterhouse Central, one of the pubs on the recommended list and a one worthy of serious review. So off I go...

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