Friday, January 26, 2007

Mackerel, a fish restaurant in Dublin

So the restaurant where we ate on Thursday afternoon was called Mackerel. The restaurant is located on Grafton Street in B building and on the 3rd floor. There is a cafe/pub downstairs sharing the same entrance, but from cafe there is a staircase leading upwards.

In the lobby there was a list of various fresh daily fish dishes and we picked grilled whole black sole (me), oven roasted whole sea bream (Susanne) and baked fillet of plaice/piaice (Ari). For wine there was an option of half bottle of one of the house wines, which in this case was Pouilly Fume 2005 (Serge Daguneau & Filles).

The fish and the wine were both very good, but the price was also higher. The food was 20-30 euros and the price for half/full wine bottle was 20-50 euros depending on the wine selection. The wine selection was large enough and I noticed several nice wines on the menu.

Even though the price was higher I was not disappointed and truly recommend the place for eating fresh fish in Dublin if the price for good fish food does not seem unbearable.


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