Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happened so far...

No problems whatsoever. The flight departed late, but was on time in Dublin and we had plenty of time to walk around and get some idea of our surroundings.

We, that is Ari, Susanne and I, walked around the river and the Temple Bar region and had lunch in Quay's restaurant. The Temple Bar region had a bit higher tourist prices so for all of us, the price of regular main dish, two beers, soft drink and two desserts including the regular tip (10-15%) was 82.05 euros. The food was ok. but not special and at least Ari's dessert was a bit, or should we say wee heavy mix of cream, butter and sugar.

After that we started walking back to our hotel with the intention of dropping by in Messr Maguires, the brewery restaurant I had spotted earlier. But more about the place in separate post.

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