Friday, January 26, 2007

Day #3: Visiting Jameson distillery and Guinness brewery

Jameson distillery was closed for renovation, but giftshop offered a complementary glass of Jameson 10 year blended whisky. Bought a 12 year old distillery reserve edition (42 EUR) for myself from there as 18 year version would have costed 100 EUR and I don't like to pay that much without knowing I really want the whisky.

We also visited some kind of sightseeing tower build on top of the old chimney and near the old Jameson distillery. The glasses in sightseeing tower were so dirty I took my pictures of Dublin from the elevator.

A better view with a pint of Guinness was offered at the old Guinness brewery were they had managed to construct a very efficient tourist luring attraction. Once all those beer and Guinness history displays in 4-5 floors were through, you could continue to Guinness' Gravity Bar in 7th floor. In the Gravity Bar were clean windows, breat view and pint of dark Guinness offered as a return of the 14 EUR selfguided tour to the place. An OK experience and worth checking out, but maybe not worth of repeating.

Lunch was consumed in one pub called Pale between Guinness brewery and Temple Bar. Nothing special, we just wanted to try pub food and the 8 EUR cod and chips with less than 4 EUR Smithwicks were enough to satisfy immediate hunger.

After lunch we visited Christ Church Cathedral. I have several photos from the cathedral including the on e of the mummified cat and the mouse found also on the Wikipedia page. The cathedral was impressive as old cathedrals usually are and an OK place to visit since it was on route back to central.

On the way back to central we also located Porterhouse Temple Bar, which was a three floor version of the Nassau Street pub. Also a place worth checking out as is the whole Temple Bar region. In the evening the region looks really nice and I managed to took a lot of photographs about the colours and the lights.

Now the next mission is to see what kind of place Dublin is on Friday night. More about it later on the same blog channel... Now where's the beer?

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