Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Day #3: Friday Night ...

... was pretty full at least in the Porterhouse on Nassau Street. Luckily we (Ari and I) tested local Burger King before trying to get our dinner from any of the pubs. Burger King's Angus hamburger with extra bacon and cheese was like any other hamburger in any other junk hamburger restaurant and so were the french fries. So if you have a chance to try one, just forget about it and steer to some place offering real hamburgers or some better options.

In Porterhouse we could not get any seats and decided to try to find some other place with lesser crowd. It seems that if you want to eat or get a nice place to sit in Dublin restaurants on Friday night, you should get there earlier than we did. I had marked a few places roughly on the map, but the day's worth of walking had its toll and we did not feel wandering around finding all them. Also I once again remembered why I will not buy any shoes made by Umberto anymore. Compared to by Clarks walking shoes, Umberto managed to wear out my feet in an hour walk in the shape it would take with my regular walking shoes a whole day of walking. Lesson learned, do not buy Umberto shoes.

After wandering the streets trying to find few places we managed to find Viperoom Bar & Club, which should have been a late night R&B, Soul and Jazz place and which it very well might have been, but we seemed to be early for the place or perhaps the club just was not open that night. After getting my overcoat too close to a candle flame and getting bartenders wondering around the place trying to find the source of smoke smell, we managed to finish our beers and head back to hotel. Another lesson learned: If you want to do a serious evaluation of some city's night life: Start early, wear good shoes and do not walk the whole day around the city during the day.

Or maybe we were just too old for that kind of thing.

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