Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Day #4: Bray, a town with a very nice coastline

Bray CoastlineDART tracks on Bray Coast

On Saturday we decided to leave Dublin and go and see some other town for a change. One the suggested places was Bray, which I initially thought was the location of the Porterhouse's brewery. This was a misconception as Porterhouse's Brewery is really in the Porterhouse's Temple Bar building and in Bray there's just Porterhouse Inn and Brewery Restaurant, which we (Ari, Susanne and I tried) tested for lunch. The lunch was quite ok, but nothing really special. A huge beef with potatoes for 17,50 EUR and a Irish stew for 10 EUR.


The heavy lunch gave us strength to walk around Bray's coastline and also to climb up to the Bray's Head, a huge hill you will soon see in my Flickr album. The landscape, coastline and the nature were the interesting things about Bray, at least now in winter. In summer the place is crowded with families on vacation, but now in winter the place seemed somehow hollow and empty. Also the nature and the remains of building and walls reminded me about the fairies and their world in Susanna Clarke's book Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. Not the high elfs of J.R.R. Tolkien type of fairies but the more darker and perhaps evil fairies of Clarke's or even Terry Pratchett's. You will probably understand what I mean, when you see the photos. At least there were few ones about the remains of a house, which kind of captured the mood.
IMG_4569.jpgSunset in the Fairy ForestIt is always dark before it gets pitch black

After the walk the sun had set and we found a place for dessert and coffee before leaving Bray and heading back to Dublin with the DART train we had used also to get from Dublin to Bray.

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