Thursday, January 25, 2007

Messr Maguires, a minibrewery restaurant near the river

The first one of the recommended minibrewery restaurants was an easy one to spot on Burgh Quay. Quite near to it was a huge Heineken sign and a trendy looking place named Q.

Messr Maguires, navigation instructions

Inside Messr Maguires there were something like four main floors with each equipped with own bar serving at least four own beers brewed in the restaurant's minibrewery. The beers were priced 4 EUR/pint, which was nice. It also seemed that you could get also "gastropub style" food there although we did not find any menus near tables.

Messr Maguires decoration

Pub decoration at Messr Maguires

A very good pub with really interesting dark wood decoration and good beer so I consider this recommendation of Sami verified.

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